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Leadership for a Better World

Our research has defined the challenges ahead, we are using our insight and expertise to redefine the role of business

Environmental Sustainability

We integrate our environmental and sustainability research with data science, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge digital technologies to provide meaningful insights that can address environmental change.

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Responsible Leadership

Our new world leadership approach is driven by sustainable development and social responsibility and seeks to promote more than an organisation's economic and financial objectives - encouraging leaders to protect and develop the resources entrusted to them by society.

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Technological Transformation

We are reimagining business in a digital age, aligning our ideas and innovations with new business processes, culture and customer experiences to meet the needs of a global marketplace that is no longer defined by geography - but by the networks and connections.

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About Exeter Expertise

Welcome to Exeter Expertise.

This is where we translate our academic research into practical insights and solutions for individuals and organisations. It provides the latest thinking in our core areas of expertise: Environmental Sustainability, Responsible Leadership and Technological Transformation.

Explore the insights from our academics across a wide range of topics, intended to provoke discussion and examine the role of business in a rapidly changing global environment. We are redefining the role of business. Providing leadership for a better world.

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In Focus

Where to focus in 2022: The 5 great shifts driving digital transformation

19 January 2022

The unprecedented events of the past two years have increased the pressure on organisations to accelerate the delivery of their digital strategies.

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Every business is show business

12 January 2022

Dr Alex Connock is the new Professor of Practice in the Business School, in Media and Artificial Intelligence. He argues that changes like streaming and...

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Podcast: Political affinity and cross-border acquisitions

25 November 2021

Dr. Sebastian Tideman explains his research on political affinity between countries and the effect that this has on cross-border company acquisitions.

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Podcast: Malaria gene drive

25 November 2021

Professor Sarah Hartley and her two colleagues in Uganda, Professor Stella Neema and Chris Opesen discuss gene drive research for malaria control. Funded by the...

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Reflections on COP26 – the role of business schools?

24 November 2021

After two weeks of negotiations, 40,000 participants and representations from 197 nations, what have we learned from COP26? And what can business schools do to help...

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Facebook and the next stage of our digital meta-morphosis

15 November 2021

I have never liked being Alan Brown. It feels like such a boring name. Too easily forgotten or confused with so many others with the...

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13 October 2021

I remember the first time that I began to really understand the broad impact of the internet across all of our lives. Several years ago,...

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How taxes could be less taxing

6 October 2021

If the only certainties in life are death and taxes, we owe it to ourselves to live a good life, and we owe it to...

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Insects – A key solution to global food system pressure?

14 September 2021

Professor Stefano Pascucci looks at the pressures on the global food system and the role of insects as an alternative source of protein.

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An introduction from Professor David Bruce Allen

23 August 2021

Welcome to Exeter Expertise – a place where we distil our research and insights to help you tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

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A further wake up call in the fight against climate change

17 August 2021

The recent IPCC report is a critical update on the fight against climate change. Steffen Boehm, Professor in Organisation and Sustainability, considers its key findings...

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Why ‘circular’ thinking is needed to tackle disposable PPE waste

18 July 2021

PPE saves lives but also creates vast amounts of waste. Professor Peter Hopkinson explains why a ‘circular’ approach is needed to tackle a new environmental...

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Shape the future

We have a broad range of leading UG and PG courses, that will empower you to tackle the environment and climate crises, including our new MBA and Masters courses in Global Sustainability Solutions and Sustainable Development.

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Partnerships for Progress

We are creating meaningful networks across businesses and communities to develop skills, expertise and potential funding to help our region thrive economically, socially and environmentally.

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Innovative research for a better future

Exeter Expertise showcases the breadth and diversity of the Business School's research.

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