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Explore the insights from our academics as they discuss some of the greatest challenges and issues facing businesses in a rapidly changing world.

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AI leadership: Learning to break free of the past

11 March 2024

A nuanced understanding of the limitations of AI’s dependence on the past in its use of data is essential, argues Professor Alan Brown

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Podcast: Digital transformation dialogues – episode 1, James Herbert, CEO of Pivotl

9 November 2023

Seasoned entrepreneur James Herbert talks to Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economy, about his career in software, technology and data and the current landscape of...

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Evolution: a necessary path for conscious AI

8 September 2023

Will AI become truly conscious? Oliver Hauser argues that AI needs to undergo a process similar to evolution before it can be treated as a...

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Embracing the unpredictable: Navigating the future of AI and technology

22 June 2023

Alex Gerbasi outlines why an understanding of technology is crucial for business school students.

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To Pause or To Push On: The AI Dilemma that will Shape Our Digital Future

25 May 2023

Explore the AI dilemma shaping our digital future with Professor Alan Brown. Discover risks, opportunities, and choices in pausing or advancing artificial intelligence.

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How to empower women to pursue STEM careers

8 March 2023

Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen explores the barriers preventing women from entering the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and looks at what can be...

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Podcast: The AI revolution: five key trends impacting our lives and careers

9 February 2023

Professor Alan Brown discusses the implications of AI technology such as ChatGPT and presents the key trends that are changing the way we live and...

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Podcast: Why public data is a vital part of the UK’s transition to a circular economy

30 January 2023

The importance of data in developing tools that could steer, monitor and improve circularity and its positive impacts must not be overlooked, writes Ryan Nolan...

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Inspiring research, new partnerships and award recognition – a look back at 2022

19 December 2022

As the year draws to a close, Professor Alexandra Gerbasi, Dean of the University of Exeter Business School, reflects on the last 12 months and...

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Podcast: Why the public sector urgently needs to embrace society’s digital transformation

14 December 2022

Professor Mark Thompson, a Professor of Digital Economy in INDEX (Initiative for the Digital Economy), discusses how the public sector can be more effective and efficient by...

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The future of media

17 November 2022

As anyone who has watched the hit HBO series Succession will know, media companies must relentlessly innovate, if they are to survive at all. To...

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Emerging Hybrid Technologies, Territorial Disputes and Innovation: Insights from Implementing Emerging Hybrid Technologies

15 November 2022

Stavros Polykarpou, Lecturer in Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship, discusses the lessons learned from the introduction of 3D printing at a UK hospital.

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The key role of digital transformation in the survival of Ukraine

11 October 2022

Professor Alan Brown looks at how digital technology is helping Ukraine in its fight against the Russian invasion.

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Harnessing the power of data driven design

1 September 2022

In this podcast, we talk to Professor Saeema Ahmed-Kristensen from the INDEX Initiative for the Digital Economy, at the University of Exeter Business School. Saeema discusses her work...

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Podcast: Social media disinformation

23 May 2022

Mohsen Mosleh discusses his research on social media disinformation and the challenges it presents for individuals and organisations.

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Environmental challenges and the role of technology and innovation

11 May 2022

Professor Alexandra Gerbasi, Executive Dean looks at the role that technology and innovation plays in helping to solve complex environmental problems, and highlights some of...

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Amazon Business: Spend your time right

8 April 2022

Professor Roger Maull, Academic Director of Exeter’s Digital Institute for Digital Economy (INDEX) in conversation with Molly Dobson, Country Manager UK & Ireland, Amazon Business,...

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Where to focus in 2022: The 5 great shifts driving digital transformation

19 January 2022

The unprecedented events of the past two years have increased the pressure on organisations to accelerate the delivery of their digital strategies.

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Podcast: Malaria gene drive

25 November 2021

Professor Sarah Hartley and her two colleagues in Uganda, Professor Stella Neema and Chris Opesen discuss gene drive research for malaria control. Funded by the...

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Facebook and the next stage of our digital meta-morphosis

15 November 2021

I have never liked being Alan Brown. It feels like such a boring name. Too easily forgotten or confused with so many others with the...

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13 October 2021

I remember the first time that I began to really understand the broad impact of the internet across all of our lives. Several years ago,...

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How taxes could be less taxing

6 October 2021

If the only certainties in life are death and taxes, we owe it to ourselves to live a good life, and we owe it to...

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Driverless cars – the moral maze

10 May 2021

Dr Edmond Awad discusses the moral and ethical issues of driverless cars and what it means for the development of AI.

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Spring forward: Why now is the time to reassess your digital values

22 April 2021

Just a few days ago I had my first Covid vaccination jab. After more than a year of various levels of lockdown, this seems like...

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The DIGIT Lab – Delivering digital innovation for growth, impact and transformation

23 March 2021

The recently launched DIGIT Lab is a Next Stage Digital Economy Research Centre led by Exeter INDEX. Together with academic partners, the University of East...

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Podcast: How nudge theory app could cut NHS waiting times

9 December 2020

Professor Nav Mustafee discusses his research on helping to cut waiting times in the NHS. It is based on nudge theory and led to the...

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Digital transformation lessons from the trials and tribulations of the NHS contact-tracing app

25 October 2020

Alan Brown, Professor in Digital Economy outlines the lessons from the UK track and trace app.

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Why ‘smart’ self-healing materials could help us build a more sustainable future

13 October 2020

Dr Merryn Haines-Gadd, Postdoctoral Research Associate looks at the development of self-healing materials and how they could be used to develop more sustainable products.

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Your algorithm doesn’t know me!

19 August 2020

In the UK to deal with lack of exams during the Covid lockdown, they turned to automated decision making via algorithms. How did that work...

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Video: Insights on digital transformation

29 July 2020

Alan Brown, Professor of Digital Economy from the Exeter INDEX Centre provides an overview of the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in light of...

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Podcast: What has virtual networking during a pandemic taught us?

3 July 2020

Professor Alex Gerbasi discusses virtual networking and how people have been building contacts and relationships during the Covid-19 lockdown. What lessons does it provide us...

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Post-COVID: Re-organising localism around three digital principles

25 June 2020

Mark Thompson is a Professor of Digital economy at the Exeter INDEX Centre. In this blog he puts forward three digital principles for how local...

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